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by Melinda Z Szilagyi
final phone  mock_buff.jpg

Mock Image Social Branding 

buff ad mock up blg logo.jpg

Mock Image of Agent Branding

final flyer mock_buff.jpg

Mock Image of Property Branding Piece



Creating new branding for Buff LaGrange, a realtor with Coldwell Banker Realty to use in for all applications including social media and print marketing pieces.

The overall branding idea is shown above. The approach to the vibe of the whole look is sophisticated, modern, minimalistic and clean. Sticking with my signature black and white color palette which would be mimicked throughout the entire branding. 

The BLG logo concept offers the idea of playing with negative space and questioning the relationship between the black and white spaces. We also utilize this look for logo driven ads, meaning the logo would be the main focus of the ad. This approach is very minimalistic and most important is very unique to what is being done in the real estate world currently, which allows her to stand out from all the other agents. 

The personal ad that is shown of the agent branding piece is supposed to have a full body photo, something like her sitting on a couch in a modern home which we will incorporate once we have the photo.  

Buff B & W headshot Iain's-2.jpg


Realtor at Coldwell Banker

"I love the BLG logo and the fab new look." 

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