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by Melinda Z Szilagyi
Cosmetic Mockup_concept 1 logo 1.jpg

Mock Image of Logo on Packaging for Face Serum

cream jar and box mock_concept 1 logo 1.

Mock Image of Logo on Packaging for Cream

box mock 2_concept 1 logo 1.jpg

Mock Image of Logo on Packaging



Creating a logo for Elodie’s Naturals to use in all applications including social media and print marketing pieces as well as ideas for packaging.

The overall branding idea is shown above. The approach to the vibe of the whole look is sophisticated, modern, minimalistic and clean. I am sticking with a black and white color palette here that would be mimicked throughout the entire branding including packaging. 

The hand drawn and digitalized “E” and “N” mark is specificity made for the company. The secondary idea of the logo mark is that it symbolizes a face, eye, and hair coming down on one side. In a sense, a very geometric face. I feel like this mark would be better served by not adding color into it, as I have shown in the mocks however, if client should desire to add color to the branding, my suggestion would be to only add it to inside of packaging or tissue paper to keep the brand as clean as possible. 

This was also served to be easily printed on a home printer for the DIY first phase of the company where the brand would not have a large budget for print materials. It was made with the idea that the company could grow with the logo and become a real staple in the 100% natural cosmetic industry that could also stay gender neutral and appeal to a larger demographic.

elodie cally.jpg


Founder of Elodie's Naturals

"Melinda, is wonderful to work with and from my 20 experience, the best I have met. Creative thinker and forward-thinking, she can help bring your brand identity to the next stage. Very positive, her exceptional workflow, skills, ingenuity made my project a dream. She is very talented. Not only she was able to make me so different type of design’s proposals, but she was able to change my mind in my initial thoughts. If you are looking for an inspiring designer, do not hesitate. Chapeau bas et merci beaucoup!" 

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